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A Gift for the Struggling Person


Seriously, in my opinion, there’s nothing else like Juju Supply.I’ve been able to share this gift as by shopping with Juju, and  so, the thing continues, that it begins to continue to become such a hard process to do come to buy something to give to a struggling so immensely with their lives, people who are suffering from any type of fatal disease, or potentially fatal disease, they still have birthdays and holidays, and they’re still all sorts of reasons to buy them gifts. However, it can be difficult enough to just have a conversation with these people about their lives without struggling trying to figure out how to best deal with the fact that they’re struggling in this way. Yes, this becomes very difficult because you don’t want to put too much value or not enough value on their struggle, and you don’t want to make yourself seem insensitive, and most of all you don’t want to hurt their feelings, which is very difficult sometimes, because you have no idea what their feelings are period even if you’ve been in a different situation, that it has a lot of similarities, or a very similar situation, there was still be key differences, differences that that you won’t understand because it is impossible to unless you are in the situation are very intimately involved. So, whenever I know someone who is struggling from any type of mental or physical health struggle, I go out of my way to buy them a gift from Juju.

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