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Landing a good deal with Amazon Prime Canada

Now I know that in the United States, they’re at a point with their Amazon warehouses, where there are literally places in the country where you can make an order on Amazon Prime and have your product delivered within a couple hours for no extra charge. I’m talking hours. You can wake up in the morning, and realize that you need a new coffee maker cuz yours isn’t working very well, and you can make your last pot of coffee in your dysfunctional coffee maker, and by the time that pot of coffee is done, you can have a new coffee pot at your doorstep, I just don’t think that this is ever been done before, and the fact that you’ll have to make a single phone call, it’s just a couple clicks away. This is such an interesting face of humanity and Amazon Prime is at the cusp of it.


So, is Amazon Prime Canada worth it? Well, of course, that really  depends on your specific definition of what value is, but if you’re into getting a good deal on a valuable Service, as in a service that provides a lot of bang for your buck, and if you want extra incentives to added a long to this already impressive value, then in my opinion Amazon Prime is absolutely worth it. And, if you’re a student, this is a really good deal because in my opinion, is Student Life can be made a lot easier by utilizing the features of Amazon Prime, and I’m not one to take away from the value of anything that has the ability to make life easier for students, because I am a student, and I’ve been assuming for a long time, and I know how complicated and expensive life gets and how hard money is

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