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The Beacon Technology potential is expected to reach far and wide

Beacon technology, after Wi-Fi indoor positioning, is a huge step that is one ahead in the ambient context identification and this is the reason this technology is the latest buzz. The beacons permit positioning and detection of the background, offering new power to Smartphone’s that is making it really smart.


Beacons provide potential to target consumers at the opportune most moment and this is because the beacons are hot on the sale front in the retail section as the store and shelves displays can become personalized and interactive suddenly.  The brands now are not limited to any campaigns of pos or shelf displays to convey their message and also the brand marketers extend the shelf and store floor to deliver a digital form that is personalized to identify shoppers.


Beacons are sophisticated and unique tool in the world of advertising and merchandising. However, if you concentrate and think how the beacons reach retail locations, there is excitement, but the reasons for concern also equally share the platform.


Currently, the networks of beacon are split and closed. At first glance, it is not much to bother, but as you give a deep thought ahead; this split will result in negative implications in long-term for consumers, developers and retailers alike.


One similarity for the beacon technology is GPS. Right from its emergence, the technology of GPS is an open system such that the developers innovate and further it to new product applications. In case, the same GPS had been installed in identical manner to beacons such that for installs, you may assume that Google gains control on California, while Apple gets rights to Nevada and someone else holds the Netherlands, the end-users is the sufferer as he is forced to depend on various hardware selections and applications to complete one journey.


Luckily, GPS is not installed in this manner.  But now beacons are exactly being installed for the same and this is the key reason the same innovation is going to reach far and wide making the user experience to be exciting is expected.


To unlock the potential of beacons, an open network is required same as GPS: ubiquitous, that is accessible widely and is also easy to use. This is required as it is being implemented through the built-in platform. The beacons form a ubiquitous new layer powering the context most effectively in order to serve the user. Instead, the individual companies are now creating private, small networks to offer limited use.

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